Rela­xed streaming

We prepa­re meti­cu­lous­ly, liai­se clo­se­ly with all tho­se invol­ved, set up ear­ly and car­ry out a com­pre­hen­si­ve test run. This stan­dard crea­tes secu­ri­ty and the free­dom to react quick­ly and fle­xi­bly to cur­rent pro­gram chan­ges or addi­tio­nal requests.

The use of our powerful enco­ders enables cross-plat­form mul­ti­strea­ming. We use sui­ta­ble tools to enable inter­ac­tion with and bet­ween par­ti­ci­pan­ts on site and on the end devices. We pro­vi­de a wide ran­ge of infor­ma­ti­on about view­ers and their beha­vi­or using ana­ly­sis and sta­tis­tics tools — in some cases also in live ope­ra­ti­on. You have the choice of pro­duc­tion loca­ti­on: you can use our stu­dio, a free loca­ti­on or even the “green field”. Tell us whe­re you want to go and we’ll get you the­re safe­ly — and we’ll have ever­y­thing you need.