Con­fe­ren­ces and con­gres­ses in the live stream

Do you want to broad­cast your con­fe­rence live on the Inter­net? Stream­box­stu­di­os has a team rea­dy to help and advi­se you with the strea­ming of your event.

Live strea­ming of con­fe­ren­ces can help your event to attract more visi­tors than a pure face-to-face event. If you want to gene­ra­te addi­tio­nal inco­me, live strea­ming pro­vi­des you with sui­ta­ble oppor­tu­ni­ties to earn money with digi­tal participants.

You can also get many other bene­fits from a con­fe­rence live­stream, including:

  • Simp­le remo­te participation
  • No tra­vel cos­ts for the participants
  • Redu­ced CO2 foot­print of the participants
  • fewer sche­du­ling problems

We want to help you orga­ni­ze your con­fe­rence com­ple­te­ly or par­ti­al­ly vir­tual­ly. This bene­fits, for exam­p­le, par­ti­ci­pan­ts who are unable to attend on site for sche­du­ling or finan­cial reasons, but who can still be the­re from any­whe­re in the world thanks to the strea­ming ser­vice.

Vir­tu­al par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on also offers a solid con­ver­si­on rate: vir­tu­al par­ti­ci­pan­ts will attend future events.

Which plat­form is sui­ta­ble for your event?

You may want to use a plat­form on which you alre­a­dy have the grea­test reach. Howe­ver, not all plat­forms offer you the fea­tures you need for the most pro­fes­sio­nal live strea­ming con­fe­rence. Stream­box­stu­di­os can not only help you choo­se the right plat­form. We can pro­vi­de you with our mul­ti­strea­ming ser­vice so that you are visi­ble on seve­ral plat­forms at the same time.

To rea­li­ze a pro­fes­sio­nal live stream for con­fe­ren­ces, you need pro­fes­sio­nal equip­ment. The­se include

  • Came­ras with dif­fe­rent focal lengths
  • Powerful cap­tu­re cards
  • atmo­sphe­ric lighting
  • High-qua­li­ty wire­less microphones
  • Relia­ble encoders
  • Cable-based net­work connection
  • Sta­ble Inter­net connection

It is important that your con­fe­rence has opti­ons that pro­vi­de the best user expe­ri­ence for your ana­log and digi­tal view­ers alike.